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Oxford and Oxfordshire Stars of the Screen

Oxfordshire has appeared in many television series and films and is famous throughout the world.

Who can forget the poplar figure of “Morse”, a character played by the late John Thaw. Adapted from Colin Dexter’s series of best selling novels this television series was screened between 1987 and 2000, over 13 years. Based at a police station in Oxford, Morse was joined by Sgt Lewis (Kevin Whately). On the evening of Wednesday November 15th 2000 over 13 million British television viewers bid a final farewell to Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse and end of an era.

More recently Kevin Whately has revisited our screens in the role of “Lewis”. Five years after the death of his partner he returns now an Inspector and is now joined by James Hathaway (James Fox). Together they bring the memories back of Morse as they solve the mysteries and murders around Oxford
and its colleges

The latest film to be released based around Oxford is Alex de la Iglesia’s new thriller “The Oxford Murders” starring John Hurt, Elijah Wood and Leonor Watling.

Elijah Wood plays an Argentine student who goes to Oxford to study and becomes intrigued when he discovers his landlady murdered in cold blood, an elderly woman who helped crack the Enigma Code during the Second World War.

Oxford and Oxfordshire stars of the screen also include John Hurt, a well known and respected actor. John Hurt also stars in “The Oxford Murders” and plays an Oxford University professor who takes Wood under his wing and together they begin to unravel a whole series of murders that seem to be all linked by mathematical symbols.

It is filmed at various locations within the city of Oxford and is released on April 25th 2008.

Another TV Series that is regularly on our screens is “Midsomer Murders” which was also filmed in Oxfordshire, around the Wallingford area and indeed, 2008 sees the first Midsomer Murders convention being held in the county. Fans from Europe, Australia and the USA are expected to attend.

In the series Wallingford is known as “Causton”, the central town of Midsomer. John Nettles who plays the lead DCI Tom Barnaby has more than his work cut out with the number of murders committed in just one village!

Look out for more Oxford and Oxfordshire stars of the screen – coming soon either to your television or cinema!
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